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Marine Science Foundation is dedicated to advancing marine research by providing state-of-the-art sensor technology, persistent data collection, and advanced analytics. Our mission is to develop and deploy the latest advancements in remote sensing technology, enabling deeper insights into unknown factors that impact the marine environment.


Quantitative vs Qualitative


To develop advanced sensors that can reliably collect and report ‘open source’ datasets is critical to providing immutable quantitative data for analysis of environmental and marine life patterns. MSF emphasizes quantitative over qualitative analysis, which will enable a more proactive and predictive posture for marine conservation. Our goal is to collect data with the smallest interference in the ecosystem as possible.

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Our Team

Marine Science Foundation (MSF) is a small non-profit 501(c)(3) located in the National Capitol Region (NCR). With more than 120 years of combined Advanced Research & Development with DoD, DoE, and Academia; MSF excels in the fields of advanced capability research & development of remote sensing, data collection, prototyping and advanced analytics. 

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MSF Conducts Artificial & Natural Reef Surveillance Diving.

With a Full-time Resident Dive Locker, MSF Conducts Mixed Gas, Closed/Open Circuit Diving Operations to Support Scientific Monitoring  Projects.

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