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MSF Maintains Multiple Full-time Dive Lockers in the Chesapeake Bay and South Florida Locations. These lockers support Scientific, Engineering, and Research Diving


Dive Boat Operations

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MSF Provides Professional Scientific & Engineering Diving Operations and Operational Support from our Dive Boat(s) Located in Both the Chesapeake Bay and South Florida. 

Diving Capabilities

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  • Deep Technical

  • Night/Low-Vis Diving Operations

  • Image, Video, & Photogrammetry

  • Toxic & Low Water Quality

  • Nearshore/Offshore

  • Multi-Gas Diving (NITROX, TRIMIX, HELIOX, O2,...)

  • Hardhat, Commercial, Large Vessel, ...


Underwater Archiology

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Marine Science Foundation Provides Underwater Archeology Diving Operations and Support. Sidescan, 3D Imagery, Point Cloud Mapping, Change Detection, Photogrammetry, and Acoustic Sensing Capabilities In-House

Research & Data Collection

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MSF Provides Artificial and Natural Reef Monitoring and Surveillance Diving. Imaging, Video, and Mapping Capabilities in House. Data Ingestions & Dissemination to Standardized and Bespoke Datasets  


Low-Visibility & Night Diving

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MSF Provides Expertise in Low-Visibility and Night Diving Operations in Austere Environments. Conducting Imagine and Scientific Diving & Diving Operations to Support/Facility Scientific Data Collection & Research

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